Q.  What is conservation framing?
A.  Conservation framing utilizes materials and techniques that will preserve artwork and items being framed for years to come. This protects and minimizes the deterioration caused by environmental factors such as light, moisture, heat, and dust.

Q.  What type of items should be framed with conservation materials and methods?
A.  Original art, signed and numbered limited edition prints, items of historical or sentimental value should all be framed with preservation techniques.  These are items that you want to last so they retain their value and future generations can enjoy them.

Q.  What materials are used in conservation framing?
A.  Conservation glass is used to protect your framed piece from 97% of harmful UV rays.  The matting used in conservation framing should be 100%acid free cotton rag mat boards with no artificial pigments and the backing materials (backing boards) used should also be acid free.


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